Guided Motorcycle Tours

Guided Motorcycle Tours

Experience some of the finest motorcycle roads in the country as you explore continuously hilly, twisty roads through spectacular scenery. The roads you will see are the small, barely visible roads that interlace the Allegheny Mountains. Traffic on these country roads is minimal, and oftentimes, we don’t see another vehicle for miles and miles. Read more…

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Your host, Dan Kauffman, has been an avid motorcyclist for many decades and always enjoys meeting and swapping stories with fellow travelers.

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Routes are customizable and can last in length from one day to a week. Your expert guide will craft your journey to fit you and your party’s unique needs and interests. If you set your GPS to tracks, you will be able to enjoy the route by yourself in the future.

Cost: $300/day for 1 – 3 motorcycles.

$100 for each additional motorcycle.

Maximum of 5 motorcycles per group.

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